Oleh: Agus Sudibyo | Juni 25, 2009

TV Advertisers Focus Only on Ratings: Survey

The Jakarta Globe / June 23, 2009

Anita Rachman

Advertisers only consider the ratings of a television program and rarely focus on its quality when choosing to place an ad, even when the advertiser is the Ministry of National Education, a study released on Tuesday showed.

A study conducted by the Science, Aesthetics and Technology Foundation (SET), whereby a panel of reviewers ranked a number of television shows according to criteria designed to judge program quality, revealed that the ministry placed commercials on two programs deemed to be of low quality — sitcoms “Suami-Suami Takut Istri” (“Husbands Afraid of Their Wives,”) and Ronaldowati 2.

“Those shows were voted among the worst programs in the study we conducted,” said Agus Sudibyo, deputy director of SET.

The survey — the fourth of its kind — involved 212 panelists with various educational backgrounds, from senior high school through to university. Survey respondents were asked to evaluate programs on the basis of informative content, coverage of public issues, social empathy, critical viewpoint, impartiality, factuality, objectivity and entertainment value.

The worst television programs according to respondents are “Suami-Suami Takut Istri” on Trans TV, “Muslimah” on Indosiar, “Curhat Dengan Anjasmara,” (“Heart to Heart With Anjasmara”) on TPI, “Inayah” on Indosiar, “Ronaldowati” on TPI and “Termehek-Mehek” (“Overwhelmed”) on Trans TV.

Agus said it was startling that the ministry had decided to book air time for their commercials in programs that are neither educational nor aimed at children.

“It shows that advertisers on Indonesian television stations have little consideration for the quality of the program they choose for their commercials and instead use only program ratings as their reference,” he said.

However, Agus said that the ministry had also placed an ad on “Apa Kabar Indonesia Malam” on TV One — voted by the panel as one of the best.

The panelists voted “Kick Andy,” “Apa Kabar Indonesia Malam,” and “Liputan 6 Petang” on SCTV, “Seputar Indonesia” (“Around Indonesia”) on RCTI and Bocah Petualang (“Adventurous Kids”) on Trans TV as programs of the highest quality.

Agus said there are two types of advertisers — those who pay large amounts of money for ad space in high-rated programs or those who have less money and tend to place ads on any progra m.

“But the point is the same: they don’t even consider the program content,” he said. “And the Ministry of National Education is one of the examples.”

“There is also little consideration shown to choosing the time the program is screened,” he said, adding that he hoped advertisers would consider the content of the program before placing their advertisements

Hadiansyah Lubis, manager for Trans TV, said the air time was chosen by the advertiser.

“Moreover, I think the schooling ad was targeted at parents of students anyway.”

SET carried out the survey from April to May in conjunction with the Indonesian Television Journalists Association, the Tifa Foundation and the Communication Faculty at Tarumanegara University, Jakarta.


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